What did I write?!


Its one thing to write thoughts in your own little corner of the internet. Three people read this and they are my besties and know everything about me anyway.

Its an entirely different thing to see your own words and photos shared with thousands of subscribers. Deep breaths….deep breaths….

I used to pride myself on having a really excellent memory. Ever since becoming a mom that has slowly faded. Too much on my mind I guess. So this morning when my article posted on Twin Cities Moms Blog I re-read it like, “what did I write?!” I remembered the theme but not the words.

In the end I am proud but that anxious and self-critical part of me cringes. What will the world think of me? I’ll probably spend much of the day eyeballing comments on the blog, and three social media platforms.

I’m embracing this new role and I am shining in knowing that someone is saying, “me too”. Here’s to coffee and Rescue Remedy to get me through the first day of being noticed.

Link to post: http://twincities.citymomsblog.com/knowns-unknowns-of-a-second-baby/





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